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KonMari – Sparks joy with KIM storage box!

Through the well-known television series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix and her bestselling books, Marie Kondo has shared her life-changing magic of tidying up and living a life that sparks joy. Gudee also joins this mission to help people live a better life. From the latest episode of her online course, our KIM storage box with lid help to store items upright, so that you can see everything you have at a glance.

We also love this quote from KonMari,“Through the marriage of versatile bamboo and durable cotton, their products have a softer, more approachable feel than traditional organizers and storage containers; they are well-built homes for all of your joy-sparking things”. Now you can find Gudee on KonMari website.

(Courtesy of KonMari Media, Inc.)

(Courtesy of KonMari Media, Inc. )


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