Makes One Step Further to the Desire of Nature

Bring some warm, earthy and cozy feeling into the space. Sturdy bamboo-made hooks make one step further to the desire of nature, simple life which many people appreciate as a contrast to busy urban life. Natural material and harmonious colors can create a simple lifestyle. RAN hooks have three options in colors: natural brown, dark brown and white. The white one comes in light shades with contrasting dark veins, which can also be seen on the dark brown hook. The wall mounted hardware is hidden at the back of hook, so only the pure beauty of bamboo can be seen. RAN is perfect for hanging CAKON hanger, coat, bag, hat, and accessories at entryway, living room or any interior. Previous blog abou

What Makes FRASA Baskets So Popular?

FRASA storage baskets sell like hot cakes around the world, especially in America and Europe. The bins were sold over 50,000 pieces each year. Here are the secrets that make the collection irresistible. Original Design with Patent The first FRASA basket was invented in 2009. Bamboo frame with collapsible fabric container had never seen in home decor market. Over these years, the design has been improved and upgraded for better quality. Collapsible and Space-saving FRASA baskets can be kept in a flat condition when collapsed, most notably with a sense of beauty. The strut bars can be easily set up for storage function, and completely folded into flat condition to reduce space. Simple and Neat

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