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Your cozy knitwear, beloved collection, childhood memories, anything can be put into a drawer. Pull open CESER cabinet. Just like diving into the infinite universe. Bounce and explore! You may find your joy and cherished items inside this space. This is our fantasy. What’s your imagination?

為桌上小物找一個家 – REE桌上抽屜收納櫃



假期將至,祝大家聖誕節和新年快樂!用最愛的家飾品妝點家中為假期迎來新氣象,並與家人享受美好的團聚時光。 在這個適合團聚共享美食的季節裡,一張好看舒適的餐桌椅必不可少!RAFFLES竹椅優雅的曲線設計除了美觀外,也能完美地與背部貼合。自然竹子所帶來的溫潤觸感與溫暖色彩為你的身體提供舒適的支撐,讓你放鬆舒服地大啖美食啜飲美酒! 為了使整體結構更加穩固,並提供舒適支撐,這張經典的餐桌椅採用雙層竹子製成。我們的設計確保其耐用性,以提供一件能持續長久使用的家具。這種雙層流線的獨特結構也能在COLIN弧形凳身上看到。我們精湛的工藝將天然竹材轉變成質感家具,讓這些設計能輕鬆地融入家中。 我們的椅子和凳子最棒的地方是它們可以成為一個套組。讓凳子成為放鬆雙腿的好地方,或成為放置書籍和杯子的邊桌。可以將它放在客廳、房間或任何舒適的角落。現在,找一個喜歡的角落並舒適地坐下,讓假期正式開始! 我們還收集了一些絕妙的主意來裝飾家中,不要錯過我們的Pinterest:獨家角落 關於產品:RAFFLES、COLIN

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Gudee created these bamboo stationary organizers to help cluttered desk. These two are for you with miscellaneous office supplies and papers. Exquisite bamboo rim with filleted corner has enhanced the organizers. Muted tone fabric lid fulfills both function and exterior beauty. ODDI collection is available in two sizes. It is a great way to keep frequently accessed office supplies within arm’s reach. Office utensils are placed in the right order by its sizes. Stationary box has three compartments for pens, business cards, paper clips and more. File box can fit A4 papers. Two boxes are stackable and space-saving. With two-step lid, file box can still be used easily while stationary box is sta

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