Inside the Box Does Matter

For neat-aholics like us, who care not only about tidiness of the space, but also inside the boxes! KIM storage box series is what you need. Four kinds of compartment can help you easily arrange items in different sizes. From smaller pieces, such as handkerchief and belts, to larger items like scarves and shirts can all be categorized. All boxes have detached lid to prevent dust. Stiff fabric container is ideal to store clothing and provide softly care. The special design of bamboo frame and fabric color brings out simple and natural style. Single section box has enough space to place folded shirts or blankets. Three sections box can store roll of scarves. Four sections box is perfect for ha

Keep Laundry Space in Style

A smart way to enhance your laundry corner. The absolute best hamper in natural bamboo and fabric material. BUTTERFLY hamper brings an elevated look to clothes storage. Collapsible design saves spaces when not in use. Lightweight bamboo makes it easy to carry and move from bedroom to laundry room. Strong and hefty, it can hold 100L clothing. No worries about storage capacity! Throw your dirty clothes inside this hamper, keep laundry space in style.

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