The Way to Create Harmony

Let's go for visible and smart storage! Complete your home space with a way to keep its contents organized, or apart and always within easy reach. KIM storage box is the one to organize your beloved accessories and personal items. Fabric container is detailed with bamboo frame. The special design of bamboo frame and fabric color brings out simple and natural lifestyle. It is good for creating harmony within the space with KIM collection.


植物是在家中營造平靜及放鬆氛圍的最佳擺飾。你不可否認時不時地看著他們的成長,是多麼令人興奮的事!書架上、窗台、餐桌或沙發旁都可以看到一抹嫩綠色的身影。今天就讓我們來談談關於一些容易照顧的室內植物。 黃金葛會是新手入門的最佳選擇,因為他能在多數環境下良好的生長。它能於水或者乾土中生長,並能忍受弱光,因此可以放置在浴室,或者較高的架子上。除此之外,黃金葛和其他植物,例如蜘蛛蘭、蘆薈,還可以有效去除室內空氣污染物甲醛。 絲蘭盆栽的莖粗而高,有龐克外型般的狹長葉子。可作為走廊、客廳和書房的現代裝飾。絲蘭喜愛充足的陽光,因此適合放置在朝西的窗邊。且由於生長緩慢,僅需每兩年換盆一次,而隨著時間的流逝,絲蘭會失去部分葉子,使它慢慢呈現樹木的外觀。 近年來,多肉植物非常受歡迎,常被當作能增添獨特品味與時尚的居家裝飾。我們特別推薦有不規則形狀和鮮豔花朵的沙漠仙人掌!要種植健康的仙人掌,需記住他們喜歡高溫、乾燥和強光的環境,最適合它們的地方就是窗戶附近,並且注意不要過度的澆水。它們具有淨化和潤濕室內空氣的功能,非常適合將放在辦公室的桌子、窗台上及任何陽光可直射的地方!



Keeps Food Fresh and Warm

UROKI collection has expend from large hamper to smaller bag for daily use. Although the size is smaller, the natural and stylish look remain the same. Want the best partners for a picnic or workday lunch time? This cooler bag is convenient to walk around with while keeping your drinks and food fresh. This cooler bag has great capacity for a lunch box or one meal in small container. Inside is thick aluminum foil liner which is easy to clean and keep food fresh. Apply to summer and winter use. Front and back pockets can store utensils and napkins. Two durable cotton handles are well made. Bamboo made opening with convenient magnet buckle. Open and close in a second!

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