Bring a Cozy Vibe to a Home Space

The ESOBI tissue box by Gudee adds a touch of cozy functionalism to the bathroom, kitchen or table. It combines the practical durability of bamboo rim with grey fabric. Moreover, it can be conveniently set up or collapsed in a flat condition for space saving. The pieces of the ESOBI collection complement each other perfectly, and their minimalistic expression suits any decor.

優雅的螺旋 – SPIRO螺旋掛勾

Gudee將常見掛勾變為優雅的裝飾,把堅固竹材轉變成美麗的螺旋形,展現竹製工藝與彈性之美,SPIRO螺旋掛勾有兩個規格,單鉤和三鉤,可以根據需求以不同的方式排列。 只要簡單幾個步驟,就能輕鬆安裝於牆面。每個掛鉤可支撐3kg,可以掛衣服、帽子、袋子、圍巾,將日常物件妥善陳列於牆面能為生活質感大加分!



For Your Beloved Jewelry

Beautifully made jewelry boxes are here at your service. JULI series is made of exquisite bamboo that will add a touch of texture to your dressing table. Fabric lid at the top protect accessories from dust. It is attached to a round mirror which can be set up easily and gives you convenience to do makeup and wear earrings. The practical part of this two-layers boxes is that you can categorize earrings, rings, necklace and trinkets in different compartment as you like. There is extra space under the ring holder. Removable design provides more space. They are all protected with the soft and smooth velvet bottom liner.

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