Declutter Your Desktop

It is that time of year, you start to list down personal goal for next year. How about start from little things in front of your desk? Neaten your work space up can make you work more productive, spent less time searching things. From 18AW collection, Gudee presents you two versions of desktop drawer: 2-drawer and 3-drawer. Delicate bamboo-made structure provides natural style and sturdy function. The drawers are covered by stiff fabric that gives items tender protection. REE desktop drawer cabinet fits well in home office and, of course, dressing table. Stationery, paper clips, eyeglasses, name cards and accessories. B5 Notebooks and documents can be placed in larger drawer. Keep the things

Storage for Your Cozy Reading Corner

For your cozy reading corner, GATSBY storage basket works like a magic to make sure you have de-cluttered space. It has enough capacity for cushion, books, blanket and anything you need for relaxing time. Bamboo handle and muted-tone fabric made storage is lightweight and handy, that makes it very convenient in mobility. When not in use, the magazine rack is foldable with a simple clip. It can stand up nicely to fit into small storage space. Looking for a good-looking and functional storage for comfy room? You will find GATSBY magazine rack fits your need!

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