Ideal for Organizing Your Table

WALT storage tray for cosmetics, perfumes, stylish stationery or walnuts. It is an easy way to keep everything in check. WALT's soft, curved lines bring warmth and balance to the dressing table and dining table. Use separately as dividers or stacked them together on the table. Get more ideas to organize your table and keep items in perfect condition. Keep every corner of your house tidy!


四散各處的小東西容易讓家裡看起來凌亂不堪,這裡有個簡單的解決方法,就是利用淺盤來收納小東西,還能幫它們分類,讓你輕鬆找到你要的東西。 WALT 收納淺盤,就是你絕佳的選擇!有兩款實用性的尺寸,可以放在梳妝檯上收納飾品、化妝品,或作為抽屜的分格收納,讓居家空間更整齊俐落。 另外,淺盤也能運用在廚房吧台,放置零食或水果,讓視覺上更賞心悅目。多種用途,無論是鑰匙、遙控器等,都能輕鬆收納,為生活質感更加分。 ​​SMLXL


他輕盈優雅的線條就像輕拂的微風在初夏的早晨中搖曳。天然的竹紋,優雅的線條,為生活帶來質感氛圍。CAKON 竹衣架圓潤的曲線及流暢的一體設計,讓衣服不易變形、滑落。這種有機材質製成的衣架不僅堅固耐用,而且相比於塑料或金屬衣架,對環境的影響更小。可以選擇原色、棕色或白色來搭配衣櫃顏色或用來分類衣服款式,一起來為單調的衣櫃增添一些美感吧!

CAKON Hanger in Round Shape

Experience the aesthetic and exquisite workmanship of bamboo product, CAKON hanger should be on the must-have list. Our design combines lightweight and flexible features of bamboo with skilled design technique, presents you this modern hanger. Bamboo hanger has delicate texture and warm neutral look. It is created with more natural materials to support the idea of earth friendly. Now, new round shape hanger is available in CAKON collection.

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