Eat Lunch in Style

The UROKI cooler bag is made from bamboo and fabric which gives the bag an exclusive look while still being elegant. Prepare delicacies like your favorite homemade food, salad or fruit. Then, load everything in this UROKI cooler bag and take it to the place where you want to take lunch time or enjoy a picnic day. Enjoy your meal!


品牌系列中的竹製桌上型收納盒,可以用來收納文具、紙張...等,使雜亂無章的桌面變得井然有序, 精緻的圓角設計,竹紋樸質的溫潤質感,搭配優雅灰調的布面上蓋,兼具美觀與實用性。 ODDI可堆疊桌上收納盒有兩個尺寸,分別提供文件和文具的收納。 文具盒有三個隔層,可以放置筆、名片、迴紋針等;文件盒則可以容納A4大小紙張及信件。 兩段式掀蓋設計,讓它可以堆疊使用,不僅節省空間,也能在觸手可及的範圍內拿取想要的東西。 除了ODDI可堆疊桌上收納盒還有其他桌上收纳系列的產品,例如:WALT收納淺盤、REE桌上抽屜櫃等。整齊有條理的辦公空間不僅讓思緒更清晰,還讓工作效率更加分!



Flip – Flip – Flip Bookends!

A bookend is an ideal piece of décor to arrange your shelf. Simply a “flip” structure, Gudee turns a flat piece into a sturdy bookend. It is made to keep books upright and without too much shouting or colors in office. Sometimes minimalist geometry is all you need. This bookend is not only practical but also adds a taste to your space.

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