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Basket for Cozy Winter Decor

As the breezing weather coming, it has us all craving warmth. It feels so comfortable to curl on the coach cover with woolen blanket and cozy pillow. We have some inspiring ideas for you to make your living room the coziest space on earth. We are loving this simple pastel look! Follow our Pinterest board Storage Beside Sofa.

Gudee Blog-Basket for Cozy Winter Decor

With extra pillows and magazine, you will need to place a basket beside couch to storage them. Meanwhile, bring a warm neutral look into somewhere you sleep, relax or read. Look at this GATSBY storage basket from gudee, beautiful original color of the bamboo frame and muted tone fabric adds more textures to the space.

Gudee Blog-Gatsby storage basket beside sofa-Basket for Cozy Winter Decor

No worries about its functionality. It can store up to 34.5L capacity, perfect for blanket, pillow, newspaper, toys and more. That’s enough for all your belongings! Create a neat and comfy living space for yourself.

Gudee Blog-Gatsby storage basket bedside-Basket for Cozy Winter Decor

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