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How to Create Your Greenery Paradise at Home

Plants are the best accessories to create calm, soothing and relaxing paradise in your home. You can’t deny how exciting it is to see them grow every now and then, add on fresh tender green on bookshelf, windowsill, kitchen table and beside sofa. Let’s talk about some of the houseplants that can be easily taken care of.

Pothos plant is a great way to get started for houseplants since these plants do well in a wide range of environments. It can be grown in water or in dry soil. They can tolerate low light, so plant in bathroom or place up high on shelves would be fine. Indoor air pollutant formaldehyde can be effectively removed by Pothos and other plants such as Spider plant and Aloe.

Potted Yucca plant has thick and tall stem with stylish punk-like leaves. It works as modern decoration to hallway, living room and home office. Yucca loves full sunlight, so they are perfect to place near west-facing window. Since Yucca is slow-growing plants, they only need to be re-potted every other year. Over time, yucca plants will lose lower leaves, giving the plant a “tree-like” appearance.

Succulents are so popular recent years. To add some unique and stylish home decorating, we recommend Desert Cacti with their unusual shapes and bright desert flowers. To grow healthy Cacti, remember they prefer hot, dry temperature and strong light. The best spots for them are near window. Overwatering is the most frequent mistake with the prickly plant. With the abilities of purify and moisten indoor air, great to put them on office table, windowsill, anywhere with a lot of sunlight!

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