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Tips for Easy Cleaning

Would it be easy to clean the product?

How to clean and maintain the fabric?

We understand your concern and want to provide you smart design. Here is one of the features in our storage collection. When placing shoes inside the TOLIN storage bench, no worries about dirt and moisture. With PE coating fabric inside the shelf, it is easy to remove the dirt. You can also find PE coating fabric at inner lid of POMP pedal trash bin, to prevent it getting dirty. Moreover, UROKI storage bag can be used for laundry, travel, diaper and multipurpose. With PE waterproof fabric inside the bag, you can pack up damp clothes to laundromat and wipe out water easily. Apart from the products mentioned above, you may use a feather duster or cotton cloth to remove the dust from the surface, but don’t use wet rag.

Gudee PE coating fabric waterproof

Gudee Tolin storage shoes bench bamboo

Gudee Tolin storage shoes bench bamboo open

Gudee Uroki laundry bag waterproof

Gudee Pomp waste bin lid waterproof

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