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The Art of Small Storage

Small items can cause messiness. Here is a simple solution that we find it easy and fits any home space. Use delicate tray to gather little things not only can categorize them, but also makes it easier to reach them.

WALT storage tray is a wonderful addition to any bedroom or living space. Two sizes allow for versatility. Placed on the dressing table, it is a jewelry holder and organizer for cosmetic containers. The bamboo frame is finely crafted, providing a spa-like accent to your room.

At kitchen bar, WALT serves as snack tray and fruit bowl. Nature bamboo color matches light grey fabric container, which brings out the food even more delighted. The uses of this tray are endless. Holder for key, tv remote control, scented dried flower and more, you name it!

NOTE: Please avoid eating food directly in this container.

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