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Father’s Day Gift: Spoil Him with Smart Storage Rack

This month, we are celebrating our favorite memories with dad. Treat him something special to show how much you appreciate things he does. Indulge him with a delicate furniture to enjoy his time at home.

GROTA is a real eye-catching storage system that provides multi-function. For a passionate organizer, it is the supreme art to have everything in order and right at their fingertips. With mirror at the top, GROTA is a dressing helper. Tie, hat, jacket or backpack can be hanged on the hooks. Watches, wallets or sunglasses can be perfectly placed on the tray. And the basket is for bigger items such as umbrella and hair spray.

What makes GROTA even more special is that the location of tray and basket can be moved as you wish. If you like the idea of storage system, you might also find interest in OTAKA screen with storage set.

More gift ideas for Father's day on our Pinterest: Gifts For Him.

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