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Gudee 2022 New Collection

This year, as the world around us changes, “The Comfort of Home” is more important than it’s ever been. Because for many of us, life at home has become everything, which is our living space, workplace and school. The meaning of comfort is all about feeling content and at ease in our surroundings. We aim to bring those of the comforts which make being in your home pleasant with gudee collection.

In this 2022 new collection, ORSON stationery pieces, comprises of tape dispenser, desktop organizer, file divider &organizer, desktop storage, business card holder to adorn any home office with organizational functionality as much as stylistic originality.

We explore new possibilities constantly of the new form on bamboo and the combination of different materials. Through the perfect mixing style of brown color bamboo and brushed brass presents a sense of fine design products. ORSON stationery collection can easily fit in your home and workspace.

Gudee will continue to share our brand value and products with our selling partners worldwide next year. In this 2022 collection, we focus on and provide the product of stationery storage and home storage. Let's bring them into your house and add more “comfort” in your home space. From the following pages, we would like to provide you a closer look of the design in each subject.


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