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Gudee 2021 New Collection

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. We cherish the time being at home and with our family. Home and lifestyle have become more important than ever. It reflects the mood and attitudes that represent us. And what we really need is a calm and energizing living.

For the first time Gudee introduces kitchen and bathroom series using natural material, diatomaceous earth, together with elegant bamboo. Diatomite is a kind of natural soil with absorbent, safe and light features. TRIVI series include coaster, tray and utensils holder. These products will keep your drinking glasses, cutlery and other accessories perfectly stored and away from moisture.

Bamboo craftsmanship with modern design is one of our identity. With graceful curves, WAVI wine rack presents the trait in hardness and flexibility of bamboo. Its warm color and beautiful shapes will bring a splash of luxury to any corner and countertop.

Gudee is happy to share our brand mission and work with more selling partners in America, Europe and Asia this year. In this 2021 collection, we continue to provide smart home essentials using sustainable materials. From the following pages, we would like to provide you a closer look of the design in each room.


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