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Crafts of Moso Bamboo

Moso Bamboo is one of the bamboo species that we often use for building material, flooring, furniture and houseware. It is very hard and durable like hardwood, although bamboo is actually not a wood but a grass. Its hardness is higher than some of the woods, such as pine, teak, and beech. Moso is native to China, particularly in Southern region where altitude is between 500-1800m. When Moso Bamboo matures, during the course of about 3-6 years, it produces the densest and hardest fibers of any other bamboo species.

With smooth surface and thickness of the wall, Moso Bamboo is the ideal material for making functional products. After strictly control its manufacturing procedure, including adjusting temperature, the ratio of sugar to water, in order to strengthen the hardness and toughness of bamboo. Keep bamboo dry also prevent mold from getting on bamboo. Through the last step of polishing, painting, and exquisite workmanship, a sense of modern design product is born.

The most common way to transform Moso Bamboo into material is by slicing and shredding it into flat pieces. Then, bamboo strips are glued into laminated bamboo board. Ready to be used as material for furniture, flooring and houseware products. Other craftsmanships include bamboo carving and weaving which has more than 20 different patterns. Besides Moso Bamboo, other species like Makino Bamboo, Long-shoot Bamboo, Thorny Bamboo and Ma bamboo are also suitable for weaving. Beautiful weaving pattern can be seen on fashion bag, storage basket, lamp, shoes, furniture, dishes and more.

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