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General Uses for Bamboo

Most bamboo grows in areas with temperate climate, sub-tropical, or tropical temperatures. More than 60% species of bamboo grow naturally in Southeast Asia, and some species grow in Latin America, very few take place in Africa and Oceania regions.

Bamboo has been used in many applications, from food ingredients, household implements to building materials. Crispy and crunchy bamboo shoot are one of the favorite spring season vegetables in the East and South-East Asian cuisine. It is best to harvest the bamboo shoots when they are only a foot and still tender to eat. After shoots of bamboo emerge from the ground, they begin growing into mature bamboo.

From furniture to flooring and building material, bamboo is an excellent alternative to hardwood, because of its sturdy, tough and stylish features. The world's largest commercial building constructed from bamboo is the beautiful pitched-roof factory in Bali. Bamboo has also become a hot trend in interior decorating. Homeowners and interior decorators who are looking for distinctive and durable home furnishings from renewable sources are finding that bamboo is the perfect solution.

In the clothing industry, bamboo fiber is seen as an Eco-chic and functional material, perfect for hot weather clothing. It is softer than cotton, smooth as silk and draws moisture away from the skin naturally. Bamboo underwear, baby wrap, undergarments, there are all range of products providing breathable and lightweight support. People are seeking more possibility in this bamboo trend.


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