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Entryway Storage Bench You’ll Love

When thinking of home decoration, living room or bedroom may be the first interior that pops into your mind. However, think again, which space gives your guests the first impression? It is entryway!

tolin entryway storage bench shoes gudee

Entryway is a transitional space leading from outdoor to indoor, and serves a vital role for the first impression of your home style. In 2018 new collection, Gudee introduced this bamboo storage bench – TOLIN, which is a stunning item for entryway. With exquisite bamboo frames and fabric composing the stool, TOLIN is a modern and clean-lined decor.

Pulling its drop-front lid, there are two storage compartments for 4 pairs of shoes and slippers. Always makes you feel great to hide the messiness and create tidy entrance. Steady structure can hold up to 120 kg for seating and 4 kg each layer inside. By adding seating furniture and storage solutions to the hallway, your interior becomes not only stunning but also functional.

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