Bathroom Makeover

As you look forward to the new year, it is about time to refresh your home! This year, why not try to focus on bathroom makeover? You may find some inspiring ideas from Bathroom Accessories in our Pinterest board.

The makeover can simply focus on one or two corners in the space. Why not start from the corner that is occupied with dirty clothes? We want to introduce one of the classic products from gudee - BUTTERFLY hamper to you. Keep dirty clothes away from the view, and let this elegant hamper take over the place.

You would be surprised about its capacity can store up to 100L. With handles on lightweight bamboo frame and fabric bag, it is super easy to carry to laundry room. The foldable X-frame saves space when not being used. Moreover, its elegant look matches any interior, so that you can also use it as storage bin for towels, groceries and more.

The main uses of a bathroom should consider as functional but also relaxing space. Your space reflects what you enjoy in life. You would love to give your home a small makeover this year.

Have a glance at this animation that we made for Butterfly hamper!

Find out more about BUTTERFLY hamper.

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