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Go Fashion with This Laundry Bag - UROKI

Have you ever wanted to feel more fashionable when doing your laundry? Carrying your dirty clothes on street, without worries that laundry will expose in public. Looking for a bag that matches your outfit? UROKI storage bag can help you with all that matters. Be the talk of the street with unique and fashion style.

Gudee Blog-Uroki storage bag street-Go Fashion with This Laundry Bag

UROKI bag has two versions of carry way: tote bag and carry-all bag with adjustable strap. It is convenient to carry around between your apartment and laundromat. The special design of bamboo frame and fabric color brings out simple and natural life-style.

Gudee Blog-Uroki storage bag street tote-Go Fashion with This Laundry Bag

Durable fabric means that UROKI is sturdy to hold high capacity of laundry (tote bag: 54L, carry-all bag: 77.5L). It is easy to clean with water-resistant fabric in its inner side. For tote bag, there are 2 handy front pockets for your laundry card and loose change.

Gudee Blog-Uroki laundry high capacity-Go Fashion with This Laundry Bag

UROKI is not only the perfect size for weekly laundry, but also useful storage for big shopping, diaper bag for travel, toys and many other things. Its functionality and design style shall meet your needs.

Gudee Blog-Uroki tote bag pocket-Go Fashion with This Laundry Bag

Go fashion! View Uroki street snap idea.

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