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Home Gift Guide for All Eco Lovers

Following the green trends has become increasingly attractive these years. Natural materials such as wood and bamboo are great replacements for products made of plastic. As the Gudee team here, we want to share our favorite bedroom accessories using one of our favorite materials: bamboo. Whether you are an Eco-lover or just picking a gift for your beloved friend, make sure you check out the essentials we pick. They are surely stylish, fashionable and modern design for bedroom!

1. ALFA garment rack is definitely one of our choice! There’s never enough storage space in the room. This rack would be a perfect bedroom item for single or small family.

2. This gorgeous floor fan creates warm atmosphere in your loft. The bamboo texture matches your leather sofa and wooden furniture. Shows your lifestyle with modern, stylish and loft look.

3. Gudee turns bamboo into streamline shape and creates such a beautiful chair. The design concept creates comfortable seating ergonomics. RAFFLES chair is the best choices to go for simple style.

4. Lighting is a common home décor. This ceiling lamp simply uses the translucent of fabric and bamboo curves to create light with radial shadow.

5. The hanger for your favorite. This elegant curve shape CAKON hanger by Gudee looks so simple. It is light and can save more spaces in your closet!

6. Bamboo surface plus digital alarm creates fashionable taste. It is both a unique ornamental and practical appliance for your bedside.

You may find out other gift ideas on our Pinterest! Check on We Love Bamboo for more pins.

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