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Start Your Work In The Right Order

Gudee created these bamboo stationary organizers to help cluttered desk. These two are for you with miscellaneous office supplies and papers. Exquisite bamboo rim with filleted corner has enhanced the organizers. Muted tone fabric lid fulfills both function and exterior beauty.

ODDI collection is available in two sizes. It is a great way to keep frequently accessed office supplies within arm’s reach. Office utensils are placed in the right order by its sizes. Stationary box has three compartments for pens, business cards, paper clips and more. File box can fit A4 papers. Two boxes are stackable and space-saving. With two-step lid, file box can still be used easily while stationary box is stacked on top.

Keep things organized in good order with ODDI collection and other storage series (WALT storage tray, REE desktop drawer cabinet, AKORE storage basket etc.). Create calm, well-arranged office space not only clears your mind, but also increases your productivity at work!

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