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More Than A Circle

From previous article “4 Things You Didn’t Know About Gudee”, we mentioned that round shape is our icon. Rounded angle shows the exquisite details and craftmanship of Gudee products, which enhances the quality of our urban living space. There are more meanings about circle in Eastern and Western culture. Let’s find out.

POMP pedal trash bin Gudee

Circles are among the oldest of geometric symbols, and commonly represent harmony, completeness, and endlessness. In Chinese culture, circle represents being perfectly harmony in people’s relationships and daily living. Without beginning or end, round shape transforms to the meaning of “What goes around comes around” in Buddhism. Yin and Yang forms a perfect circle divided by a curved line. This Tai-Chi symbol stands for the balance of conflicting forces inside everything.

OTAKA screen with storage set Gudee

In Western culture, circle is often seen as a geometric shape. Renaissance artists believe beauty was derived from ideal, geometric ratios and proportions. The complete symmetry of circle is the optimal shape for classical art and architecture, which can represent holiness, so many churches and chapels were built around circle.

SPIRO Hook Gudee

Circle can be extended to spiral curves, round edge, ovals, curls. These round shapes bring a sense of completeness in design. Furniture or home ware in circular element brings softness and warmth to the interior. Opposite to hard edges, it adds more comfort and soothing energy to living space.


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