One Easy Décor Creates Extra Spaces - OTAKA

Round, big, fresh icon may be the first impression when you see OTAKA in our 2018 new collection. What does it work? How to use it? You may be curious. Scroll down and find out how to create extra storage spaces with ONE decor.

OTAKA serves many purposes. Like other wall dividers, they can serve as a room partition to divide two interiors, a privacy screen, or simply work as decorative item. However, the adjustable storage system is what makes OTAKA so special. This screen rack can add on 4 functional accessories: storage bin, tray, hooks set and mirror. They can all be moved and hanged on two different rails according to your habits.

You can put umbrella, cosmetics, spray bottles in the storage bin, while small accessories such as watches or plants on the tray. The 4-hooks set are perfect to hang small bags, scarf or coat. The round mirror can be adjusted in different height. Place it at the hallway, have a nice glance before walking out the door.

Some ideas for partition, divider and storage solution: Room Divider

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