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Maintenance & care


  • Bamboo products are made of natural materials. Changes in the appearance due to the environment to which the product is exposed or use of the product is natural.

  • You may use a feather duster or a clean piece of cotton cloth to remove the dust from the surface.

  • You may apply an appropriate amount of special maintenance oil on the product evenly. Apply it to an unobtrusive part of the product first to test the oil, and then apply it widely if it can be absorbed normally.

  • Don't use any wet rag to wipe the product or store it in a dark and moist location or expose it to the sun or rain outdoors. It is recommended to place the product in a dry location indoors to avoid becoming moldy or breaking. Remove the mildew by using a dry rag and put it aside to air-dry.

  • No contact with chemicals is allowed to protect the coating from coming off or being damaged.

  • Don't put hot or cold objects on the product directly. Chemical action may occur due to temperature difference and bring about permanent marks.

  • If diatomaceous earth gets dirty, wipe it with a wet dishcloth or brush a small area with clean water with a toothbrush and leave it in a cool place to dry naturally.

  • Sandpaper or high-tech foam can be used to remove stains on the surface of algal soil.

  • Please do not let diatomaceous earth soak in water for a long time, so as not to cause deterioration of the goods.

  • Diatomaceous earth should not be directly exposed to the sun, or heated and dried with hair dryers, heaters, etc.

  • Avoid using detergents to clean diatomaceous earth, which can cause water absorption to drop or damage.

  • Because of the material characteristics of diatomaceous earth, the trace powder on the surface is a natural phenomenon.

  • Diatomaceous earth will become brittle and easy to break after absorbing a large amount of water, so please be very careful when moving the product.

  • If you do not use this product, please air-dry it before putting it away.

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