How Tidy Is Your Drawer?

If you are living by yourself and seeking for tidy and well-organized room. Or, if you have 3 family members, that means 3 times the towels, 3 times the socks, 3 times of everything. And there are probably extra towels for guests. A pile of those little items is the cause of messiness in wardrobe. Today we’re going to simplify all the mess. That is, simply sort those items in different categories using baskets. We don’t want every item mixing together. Here are some simple tips: 1. Pile all socks in different baskets. Separate socks by seasons: summer & winter, by the length of socks, or by colors: black and multicolor. 2. Fold towels neatly and stow them in a square basket. Categorize them

Home Gift Guide for All Eco Lovers

Following the green trends has become increasingly attractive these years. Natural materials such as wood and bamboo are great replacements for products made of plastic. As the Gudee team here, we want to share our favorite bedroom accessories using one of our favorite materials: bamboo. Whether you are an Eco-lover or just picking a gift for your beloved friend, make sure you check out the essentials we pick. They are surely stylish, fashionable and modern design for bedroom! 1. ALFA garment rack is definitely one of our choice! There’s never enough storage space in the room. This rack would be a perfect bedroom item for single or small family. 2. This gorgeous floor fan creates warm atmosp

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