Smart Design for Last-Minute Glimpse at Your Entryway

We all appreciate having a place for last-minute outfit check before running out the door. Placing a mirror in your entryway not only adds a decorative element that shows your taste, but it also creates depth in the space and reflect lovely view of your warm home. GROTA is a stylistically pure storage rack with mirror designed by Gudee. It provides needed storage for your bags, shoes, hats and accessories, while adding tranquility and peaceful atmosphere to your home. No worries about mounting or wall attachment, GROTA can lean perfectly on wall. The bamboo and fabric materials are the key elements that create this comfortable environment. GROTA is honored to be selected by Ambiente blog in

2017 Gudee Exhibition Participations

We are thrilled to be showcasing our newest products at Messe Frankfurt Tendence and Design Tokyo- design products fair this year. The concept of the booth design mainly showed a simple and practical style. Moreover, the design allowed a smooth traffic flow into the booth based on the feature of the booth location at the corner. It created a comfortable atmosphere in this space. The use of white and blue colors set out the product features and the material of gudee. As visitors went into our stand, they can see the dark blue wall which paint with gudee’s main color. The blue color can highlight our logo and make the designs stand out and vibrant.

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