Infinity Blue

We use infinity blue as our sewing color. Blue symbolizes understanding, strength, intelligence, dependability, spiritual and infinity. These features are perfectly match our design value. (Front: FRASA collection/ Back: UROKI collection) Our products are reliable, because we only offer high quality products with delicate crafts. We hope our customers enhance their taste and personal lifestyle while they use our products. (UROKI collection) Blue makes our design stand out and vibrant, and it can help our design perfectly integrated into any déco. Blue makes you feel very clean, comfortable and can release your stress!

Gudee Life

Gudee advocates the attitude and spirit of "simple", "high quality", "attention to people and close to the nature" and "introverted aesthetics" life. The integration of fashion and natural elements of the color and material, smooth curve, simple style and innovation to become a unique style of Gudee. When the daily necessities can be delicate but not luxury in the daily life which can create a warm, comfortable space. User-friendly and high functionality is necessary in furniture design. Gudee’s design is simple but not lose the original intention of the function. The appearance of lines is beautiful and with consideration of ergonomic comfort. Gudee would like to emphasize "the sense of des

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